Not According to plan

The day started when I was woken up unexpectedly by the noise of some tree surgeons who were very noisily taking down a few huge trees in a neighbouring property.

After a nice breakfast I suddenly realised that the day wasn’t going to go according to plan and sadly I had to spend some of the day, when I wanted to get stuff done, in bed as I wasn’t feeling right. I’ve had a dodgy tummy all day.

I managed to half make some soup, in terms of roasting a gorgeous squash that I had but I wasn’t well enough to finish the task I had to go back to bed. I tried a bath later on to revive myself but that didn’t work, as it usually does, and it was only at about 4 PM I started to feel human again. The soup was made in the end and I’ve had a bit with turmeric sourdough,

I Just watched the strictly results show and I’m feeling fine so I should be well enough to do yoga tomorrow which is a real bonus.

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