By chantler63

The Incredible Hulk

Well, it turned into a very exciting day for me.  We started with our usual 'holiday' breakfast, intending to return to the Purton Hulks - see my blip from Friday - before heading home, The light was much better today and I hoped for more interesting results.  What a treat awaited me - I had no idea of the amazing wrecks that lay ahead.  We paused at the point where I had taken Friday's blip (almost in the dark and with no daylight time to walk further on) and then continued along the path where more wrecks revealed themselves. It was photography heaven!  The whole of this stretch of the Severn River is historic, as all these boats were deliberately beached to protect the short area between the tidal and strong river currents of the Severn and the Gloucester Canal; it is the largest ship's graveyard in Britain.  

Some boats could be seen as an outline, some had large parts remaining and some were no more than a post in the ground - all have a long history and are fast decaying. Textures and rust abound with exciting shapes and forms - it is definitely a candidate for a 'panel' of some sort. 
This is part of Dispatch built in 1881 and beached in 1961 - so many vibrant textures of wood and metal with their associated colours in the many parts of the boat visible. 

I only stopped making images as my hands were getting too cold to function. We will definitely return to that area.

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