Such a fun and interesting day travelling through another part of Tasmania. It really is an amazing 'country' with so much variety.

We visited a few places that have been left behind a bit - where commercial progress has not kept up to speed and all the more delightful for it.
In Queenstown I managed to get our Motorhome keys locked in the van (it's primitive with no central locking and actually need keys to unlock doors) but the security is not strong so we went to a hardware shop to get a screwdriver. Whilst there, another customer heard what we needed, asked where we were parked, came with us and sorted things. He said he was not a pro at breaking and entering but had to do it a lot for his job! So kind.

Then we happened upon Dave. Got into conversation and ended up looking round his house which he is converting in an unusual and fascinating way. Turns out he is an artist using chemicals and paints to create unusual abstract works. I loved them.

He was happy to pose for me as I just had to get him on camera! I also photographed his partner, Julie and will send them the results.

Moving on we paused many times through the mountains for scenery, assuming for a campsite and river where there is a strong likelihood of seeing platypus. However, two more pauses en route, one for divine evening light on eucalyptus or stringy bark gum trees and then for an echidna crossing the road to get to the other side. We were the only vehicle so parked up quickly and out with cameras. So exciting to see one naturally rooting for its dinner.

Now out in the bush for the night and will head back early to try and find a platypus.

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