Sri Ramakrishna Temple

Another day in Kolkata, starting with an early morning visit to the flower market.  Although I will be visiting this again later in the week as part of the street photography workshop I am joining on Tuesday, it was useful this morning to go with a local guide who explained the different activities and how different flowers were used to acknowledge different gods or religious figures and the colours used for specific purposes (even if I cannot now remember the details).

This evening we took a "sunset river cruise" along the Hooghly river, which is actually part of the Ganges.  A considerable haze meant there was no spectacular sunset, but it was interesting to see the city from the water.  The boat took us to this temple complex where we witnessed the evening Aarti ceremony.  My blip was taken as close to the temple as photography was allowed, but we did walk into the grounds and around the building - but not inside as this was packed out for the ceremony.

Finally we returned on the boat in the dark to the centre of Kolkata.  The advertised "snacks" on the boat turned out to be a full, and very pleasant, cooked meal so we didn't need much extra when we got back to our hotel.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and congratulations on my blip day yesterday.  I knew it was coming up, but totally forgot about it when I came to post my picture.  It was actually more than six years since I started blipping, but less than six years since I started blipping every day.  Still remarkable that I've kept up the habit for so long.

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