By Missycat

A visit to Forty Hall

Today we took Violet to Forty Hall to meet up with her friend S and her mummy.  The girls haven't seen each other for a few weeks,  as it is  difficult to find a time to meet now that Violet is at school.  We had lunch in the pretty retro styled cafe, where I took this phone shot and then a rather chilly walk round before going our separate ways.  They won't see each other again until New Year's Day when they will have returned from their family Christmas in Poland and will join us for the day at our NYD party.

This photo of the girls happily hugging is rather 'busy' but quite amusing.  The gentleman to the right saw me trying to take a picture and leaned as far back as he could, to not photobomb my shot and his wife ducked down behind the girls to avoid the same.  If you look, you can just see her navy raincoat behind them.  It was lovely to meet such a nice couple.  The pencil sketch effect is to remedy the not very good quality shot.

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