Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104



A very busy day at work and then a visit to see my mum. She is very down at the moment as we think her melanoma has come back :(
She's found another lump on her leg (only 6 months after the last one was removed), and there's not much else that it can be, and given her history it's more than likely to be an unwelcome return. We just have to hope that it hasn't spread. She's had a FNA which will confirm it for sure, but was due a full body scan anyway for her check up. This is not until the 10th Dec, so it's just a waiting game. 
But she's beaten it twice already so fingers crossed it has not spread and being fairly small this time, will be operable again. She really took it in her stride earlier this year and was back on her feet almost immediately and was home in time for the Royal wedding!  

So consequently I did not get chance to upload today's blip, which is a Long tailed tit from the garden. I've not seen much of them recently so it was quite nice to see them returning. 

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