Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Grass seedheads

and the larger scene at 55mm in the extra. I just love these curly seed heads especially when the light catches them like this.

       Monochrome? Yes, I translate the word literally. A picture of brown tones. We use the term loosely to mean black and white i.e.  an image ranging from black to white and all the grey tones between. Cyan and sepia are terms from monochrome film processes and duo-tone is a printing term; usually black and one colour . . . no I'm not trying to start a discussion. I'm just keeping things sorted in my own mind. But please feel free to correct any faulty understanding.

       I had an uneasy night. Boodie didn't come when I called him in yesterday evening. It was going to be and was a cold night. My imagination goes wild and immediately thinks the worst. I walked the block and found no cat body in the road. My imagination goes wild and immediately thinks the worst. Hawks? He's very heavy and usually keeps under cover. Coyotes? I haven't heard any lately. No sign of him in the morning either. I took the trash out at first light and when I got back in the  house through the side garage door and went to check the front door once again there he was. After a good feed he slept on the bed all day. I think he got shut in a neighbour's garage. Little so-and-so.


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