A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


DellCon Sunday and a game of Azul. Tiling but without the messy hassle of grouting afterwards.

Jotting down erratic notes over the weekend, the following games seem to have been played this weekend...

Skull, Barenpark, Clever, Spirit Island, Sanssouci, Through the Desert, Ticket to ride, Sheriff of Nottingham, Riverboat, Sagrada, Elfenland, AuZtralia, Sushi Go Party, Terraforming Mars, My Village, Coimbra, Brass Birmingham, Ethnos, Gugon, Forum Trajanum, The Networks, Clank: Mummy's Curse, Dinosaur Island, Counterfeiters, Codenames, Viticulture, Everdell, Knitwit, Star Realms, Hamsterrolle,... and that's excluding repeats.

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