Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I had little inspiration today, but as I was washing my hands I liked the way the light was making the orchid bud in the bathroom shine so this is my blip!

The Man and I had part of the day back at Amber Nook. While he was working outside I set about the deep cleaning which we do at this quiet time of year. I began by taking down 6 pairs of curtains to take to the dry-cleaners. It soon began to rain. When the rain became torrential we decided it was time to go home.

Once home I made sure my 2019 calendar was completed and the order placed. I use an image from this year's blips to go on the same month's calendar page. I found that, this year, I was using the 3-image display option more. Either no one image standing out over and above the rest or circumstances where there was a bit of a story to tell about the month.

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