Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

The Leaning Church

It's storm Diana and it's rained all day, and with Mrs BB working I took a drive to one of my favourite churches, in The Black Mountains of The Brecon Beacons National Park.

St Martins Church, Cwmyoy is a few miles down a narrow country lane in a small village of just a few houses. It dates from the 12th century and it's crookedness throughout is something to behold - especially the tower.

The photograph, taken with a rare Helios 65 50mm F2 lens, shows the lean of the tower.

Wide Wednesday Challenge Results

The theme this week was 'water' and it seemed an easy theme than last week with more entries. I had fun choosing my ten. Hearts awarded to all as soon as possible......

1.   Miztified                        San Gregorio
2.   60plus                           Scout Dyke
3.   AH14                              Leaf in gutter
4.   RockArea                       Fishbones (long exposure)
5.   Larchlea                         Lake Scene
6.   Freespiral                      Waves (B&W)
7.   Tedwin                           Ripples
8.   Admirer                          Swan & ducks
9.   rmeinz                            Estuary View                            
10  Bimbo                             Plastic Ducks

Thanks to all who tagged their entry to keep Wide Wednesday on the blip challenges.

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