There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Small Radius of Light: Still Life, With Tiger

The roads were a bit slick out where we live on Wednesday morning, so I decided to take the bus. I felt a tug at my coat as I left the house; Tiny Tiger wanted to ride along. So I popped him into the cozy interior pocket of my big Woolrich coat, and off we went!

Tiny Tiger got to ride not just one but TWO buses with me on our way to work. He enjoyed looking out the windows. And then there he was, suddenly, in my office at work, looking all around. So THIS is what Mama does for a living?

At day's end, we caught our bus back to campus, and since we had a few minutes to spare, Tiny Tiger asked if we could visit the Palmer Museum. There are two new exhibits, and he thought they sounded intriguing. Well, I couldn't say NO, now could I? But come on, do you know ANYbody who takes a TIGER to an art museum?!?

It may have been an ill-advised move, but there we were, inside the Palmer, just my tiger and me. But he was quite well behaved, much to my relief. I took some fun photos of Tiny Tiger taking in the exhibits at the art museum.

We investigated a new exhibit, A Small Radius of Light, a retrospective of the works of G. Daniel Massad. The photo above is from that exhibit. The little Pinocchio-like critter under glass seemed to be looking up and gesturing: "Hey, is that an actual TIGER!?"

We tried our hand at drawing our own still life, but it sort of came out looking like Tiny Tiger's self-portrait. We also left an encouraging remark in the exhibit book. We believe in supporting artists and the arts!

But the best part was yet to come: in the museum gift shop, Tiny Tiger picked out a new friend, a little mouse with an S on its chest, wearing a small black mask and a red cape. Such a dapper little fellow.

We brought the friend along home on the bus with us, of course. And the new friend was always waving and shouting at the people outside; he didn't understand they could not see or hear us inside our bus. In the extras you may see a photo of Tiny Tiger and the new friend waving out the bus window just below Old Main.

The song for this blip-posting . . . well, you must believe the day was quite an adventure for all of us. For what a thrill it is to view art through the eyes of a tiny tiger. The song: Survivor, Eye of the Tiger.

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