a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Abstract Thursday: Still Life

A trip to the fridge followed by messing around in Affinity Photo to abstract this bowl full of peppers.

Amazing weather first thing this morning.  We awoke to a howling gale slamming itself into the side of the house, with occasional bursts of torrential rain  at 45 degrees.  You really wouldn't want to be outside in it if you could possibly avoid it.  Needless to say it was also the refuse collection/recycling day and not everyone had managed to adequately secure their recycling, with the end result that plenty of it was flying down the street on its own, in the teeth of the gale. Ultimately some one is going to end up having to pick all of that stuff up ...

I know we Brits like to talk about our weather, but it really was unpleasant first thing - almost biblical in its intensity.  Certainly the chap next door thought so - he's still hard at work on his Ark even as I post this shot.

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