The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

WWU Symphonic Band

Tonight Shelly and I went to the university to hear the symphonic band’s fall concert. They were excellent and we got to hear music that is rarely performed. You just don’t see that many symphonic bands these days. We enjoyed the concert a lot.

Earlier in the day I met my daughter Helena for lunch and shopping. We visited the sock shop and I got some cool socks, not that I need more but no matter. We visited Betty Lou’s Emporium, our favorite dress shop in Bellingham and managed not to buy anything. We did visit with the sales gal who is a friend of Helena’s. I headed home to feed the kitties before heading to Shelly’s.

I was tired and was thinking of blowing off the concert. But a short nap while Shelly cooked dinner was enough to revive me. And I’m glad because I really enjoyed the concert.

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