Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Gleaming in the dark ...

I was pounding past this castle (actually Benmore Gallery, where the office for Benmore Gardens is) in torrential rain as dusk fell this afternoon when I yielded to temptation and went back for a photo. I love the gleaming cobbles in the dark courtyard, and the effect of the bright windows among all the dark trees - which admittedly you can't see here, but they're all around. 

No squirrels today, and only one small bird on the ground whose movements had me seeing it as a blown leaf, but thrashing trees and some hailstones - and also a moment of brightness, as the setting sun lit up the plants on the banks of the high-flowing Eachaig, which is the subject of my extra photo.

After two days of inadequate walks, it was good to get out - and to get out of breath! 

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