Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Ready to sail

The view of the Firth of Clyde from McInroy's Point as the sun headed for the horizon this afternoon. In the distance is the strip of buildings that make up Dunoon (to the left), Kirn, Hunter's Quay and Sandbank, with the indentation of the Holy Loch in the middle. I'm reminded by this view of how slender our hold is on the coast, with the great bulk of the hills behind us and the sea in front, just as I was reminded by the funeral we'd just attended how slender is our hold on life itself. 

Isn't it wonderful, however, the way in which people rejoice at meeting up over the purvey after a funeral? Especially, I think, when old colleagues laugh at each other for growing old, and the sad are caught up with the occasion whose existence their loved person is responsible for - for this was a big funeral of a very popular person whose life encompassed different groups. It's afterwards that is difficult ... 

My extra photo is from the ferry halfway across, looking towards the sunset over an increasingly gurly sea. 

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