Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Perfect day

After days ... weeks ... months of moaning about the weather and posting various shades of grey in my blips, I was spoiled for choice today. The weather was perfect - little wind (just as well - it was in the north and was bitter), almost cloudless sky. And from the off I had earmarked such a day as one not to be wasted indoors, which gave me this photo - and several others - taken in Benmore Gardens in the morning, when the sun still shines down the east-facing hill and reaches the lower levels without the shadow cast by the hill. 

This comes at the top of the first rise on that hill, with the snowy tops on the far side of Glen Massan in the distance. There wasn't another soul, and it was very quiet. 

And because I was busy in the afternoon too, I'm adding a couple of extra photos from then. One is in the Kilmun Arboretum shortly before the sun slipped below the hills, and the other is of this year's Advent wreath, for which I helped gather greenery before creating its admittedly pre-Christian exuberance in Holy Trinity Church.

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