Tea in the Smith museum

This afternoon I had tea with two old friends in the Smith museum and gallery in Stirling.
To my dismay I has forgotten my smartphone, which I need to photograph the latest exhibition in the Smith museum.
Fortunately gallery assistant, Brooke Cameron, comes to the rescue, not only offering to loan me her smartphone but also agreeing to pose (after a bit of persuasion) in front of a colourful lino-cut print from Owain Kirby’s current show.
So thank you Brooke for saving the day.
On the spur of the moment I thought I would do a bit of networking.
After all, it’s late on a Friday afternoon and my friends and I are the only ones in the museum.
“Is the new director in?”
Maybe Caroline Mathers, who comes to us from an
 Edinburgh football museum, would like to say “hi” to my friends Lesley Duncan, Poetry Editor of the Herald and Lys Hansen, international artist and former President of the Society of Scottish Artists, both women prominent in Scotland’s cultural life and lifelong supporters of our local museum.
But the answer comes back no.

 She is too busy.

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