By dfb24

Hot Chocolate....

....at the Christmas Market. My friend Terry Ann and I went to the Christmas Market at the Fiserv Plaza today. The Plaza was just completed this fall and fronts the Fiserv Forum, the new venue built for the Milwaukee Bucks, our NBA basketball team. The Plaza out front was built with the idea of being a place for people to gather together for a variety of activities, and the Christmas Market is one of the first things they’ve done. I have to say that we really enjoyed ourselves! There was a great variety of things for sale in the booths, they offered lots of food and hot drinks, and it was all very festive! We ran into two of our former co-workers & started chatting, so I ordered a hot chocolate to drink as we all stood there. The lady asked if I’d like whipped cream or a marshmallow in it, and I said yes for the marshmallow, never dreaming it would be this monstrous size, let alone drizzled with chocolate!! But what’s not to like when something looks as good as it tastes!! We went our separate ways, and Terry Ann & I eventually decided to walk to Buck Bradleys for lunch. About 20 minutes later, who strolls in but our two friends. We all started laughing as what’s the chance we’d all end up at the same restaurant, too. So we all sat together and had a long catch up—it was a good day! :))

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