Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

That's about the size of it.

Totally different size, and format, from the rest of them, which tend to look like this. 
They're so difficult to count, I think I'll keep tally as they drop off.
I just wish I had a "standard" open same time for a "robustaXstandard."
Squeaking of "Robusta" I measured 2 of its leaves 26" & 27" soil >>>---->tip.
I've just grabbed/checked a "standard" longest - 22"
I'm blaming Alice for the extra.
I'm sure she'd have "Whanged them out" WEEKS ago. 
Thrice now I've said. . . "Damn I've washed them, I'll wear them THEN chuck 'em."
Guess what? :¬O  ?
BTW That's a hand inside not a leg. 
They were, actually, replaced a fortnight ago.

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