By seizetheday


This evening, MrM, together with John C and Paulette, was playing guitar at a fund-raising concert for the young people's dance group. After setting up their equipment and having a sound check they, and another performer, came back to the flat for a bite to eat before we all walked up to the Cheviot Centre for the performance itself.

The young people danced, and several talented local musicians entertained the audience. During the interval, sandwiches and canapés were served - worthy of a photo, though this shot doesn't do them justice.

I won the main raffle prize - a beautifully presented Christmas cake! Unfortunately, MrM isn't fond of fruit cake, and I can't eat it because it contains mixed spice and I'm allergic to cinnamon. Never mind! The owner of a gift shop kindly offered to re-raffle the cake in the shop to try and raise a little more money for the group.

A good evening, though the musicians thought it went on for a little too long - almost 11.00pm by the time we left the building. Just time to get in to the local pub for a couple of drinks.

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