By seizetheday

Hanging on the wall...

...of the 'Music room. A bouzouki and a mandola, both unfinished. Another emergency blip! 

Thought I'd got away with it after Thursday's sore throat, as I felt pretty much OK yesterday. But after a bad night's sleep woke this morning with a bit of a cold and a cough, which got steadily worse during the day. 

In the morning, as MrM and I were about to step out of the door to go shopping, O arrived, followed soon afterwards by V and two of their boys. They came in for a coffee - it was lovely to see them all. Hope they haven't caught my germs though.

We went down to Alnwick and did a supermarket shop after lunch, but there was no time for the intended walk. Both slumped in front of the TV and watched a film in the evening - neither of us had the energy for anything more demanding.

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