By seizetheday

It's official...

...Christmas has come to Wooler!

There was a Christmas farmers' market this afternoon at the bus station (no buses on Sundays), so MrM and I had a look round. We were quite restrained in our purchase - only one bottle of beer from the brewery that opened 6months ago in Etal, not far away. Somehow we resisted the flavoured liqueur. Some nice stalls, and mulled wine and Carol singing all added to the Christmas spirit.

MrM went off to play at a gig near Kelso later this afternoon, leaving me to snuffle and sneeze in peace. I did, however, nip out to watch the lighting of Wooler's Christmas lights. It's taken us a few years to realise that this ceremony is nothing to do with switching on the lights all along the High Street, or the lights on the big Christmas tree (those lights have already been on for a week). It's all about lighting up the tree decoration to the right of the blip, and the coming of Father Christmas. His sleigh is pulled down the High Street - at speed - by a fire truck, blue lights flashing. It's very difficult to get a picture of FC himself, as he doesn't seem to leave his sleigh, but he's ably assisted by an elderly elf, who helps with the gifts for the children. What excitement!

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