By lynnjones7186

Street scene

This is the view of the street from a restaurant in ChiangMai.   It is fairly quiet here at the moment, but it will start to get busy now as people escape the cold of winter and seek warmth.  

We swam at our normal time today to avoid any confusion!  :))

We were a bit naughty today.  A friend invited us for drinks on what we refer to as the terrace.  It is actually an outdoor seating area on the second floor, I will blip it.  It is a public area.  For obvious reasons drinking by the pool is not allowed.  Therefore a few of us, five, gathered on the terrace to partake of a G&T or Bloody Mary or a Screwdriver was also available.   Hubby and another guy had a beer each.  We talk quietly and try not to upset anyone . We are all going to go out for dinner as soon as we can arrange it.  

Does this count as Sillysaturday.   I will tag it anyway. 

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