My trip to the sack is becoming closer and closer.  I don't want to wish a day away but it's been like that today - I'm exhausted.
I shouldn't be as Sophia was very well behaved last night.  I only had to cuddle, jiggle, pat, hum, sing, swing side to side and comfort  her for two hours.  Lucky.  Some people find babies very easy to handle but for me, it's hard work.  It shouldn't be but it is.  

I wasn't interested in taking a photo today but it had to happen.
Long story cut short, I hopped on the bike and rode around the path just before sunset, I heard and saw the blue wrens!  Joy o joy.  I hadn't seen them for months and I was concerned.  They flitted past me, they were too quick.  This is all I have with the sun gone and only shining in the far distance - I think he looks gorgeous in the blue bush.  I will sleep well for having seen them.

May you all have a great week.
Thank you for visiting and sprinkling stars for the cosmos.  I meant to return to you yesterday, I was otherwise occupied.

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