Week 48.

Otto came home last Sunday but was sick and not able to be with us because we were scarred our son gets his high fever.

The beginning of the week was quite normal, we did normal stuff with my son like went to park to play etc.

On Thursday I went to work and after it to a spa with my friend. It was relaxing!

On Friday I went to work also and after work I saw my friend. Then I went to do little Christmas shopping and in the evening I went to bar with my friend. Last time I was at bar was about 2.5years ago........... Before I got pregnant.

On Saturday we went to see doll theather that the church hold for kids. After it we went to just walk to old town.
Also it was time to open the advent calender!

Today, on Sunday everywhere was snow. It had rained snow last night. We went to one hill to try the sledge, our son liked it alot.

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