By SecondSeason

Mondays meandering

Yesterdays trekking about with my love got me inspired to get out my snowshoes.  Thankfully I knew exactly where they were!  So after layering and bundling up to the point I was so hot before even getting out the door, I finally did.  I snowshoed down the road to get the feel of it again and remembered again how much I enjoy it.  To get out into the cold, but not be cold because your body is doing a fine job of keeping you warm, to inhale the crisp air and see everything white while feeling the calm.  It makes me a happy human.

I came across a grove of aspens that looked so beautiful dappled in snow. The extra is a blurry selfie.  I guess with having had the phone in my pocket it was warm and so there was condensation on the lens.  Sheesh.  Anyway, I think you can tell I'm in my happy place.

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