Tiny Tuesday ...Beads

A nice bright, sunny morning, took the bus into town to get a couple of Christmas presents. I absolutely loathe shopping and go straight to what I need to buy, and straight home again.....all the wandering around browsing is just not me, and makes my back ache even more. As it was, I didn't find what I wanted, so came home and ordered them on line.....at least I tried to buy from the high street. Made an app't at the docs on the way home.......4.30pm today!!! My back is just not easing and I need to be fit for Oz!  Also popped into a camera shop and found out, at last, how to set the timer, for a macro........hence an improvement I hope of today's shot of the beads of my spare glasses chain.....Thanks to Freyjad for hosting this month :))

Thanks so much for the comments and stars yesterday :))

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