By evolybab

Wild Wednesday.....Stormy Weather

A busy day today, this morning was the last session of the community photography group with S........She had made a slideshow of our photos put to the music of "I'm Feeling Good," by Nina Simone, which I was so thrilled to see........and may be put on YouTube!!  Plans were made to re-continue on our own in the new year hopefully. This afternoon the monthly book group meeting at the library, discussing "Elizabeth is Missing."...can recommend!.  Got pretty wet going out, both times, and due to the wind and rain, no opportunity for a photo.  Nipped down the garden when I got home to snap the black clouds rolling in, after a very short respite in the rain and what looked a promising sunset......thanks to Cailleach for hosting.:))

Many thanks to for all the lovely responses yesterday.......anti-inflammatories prescribed long term for my back problem, which I took before my op 3 years ago....seem to be back to square one, with not much that can be done about it. .........:((

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