By AMK81

#yearofcalm advent calendar

There's a wonderful meditation app called Calm and I've come along a bit late to their #yearofcalm and am using their December one as my advent calendar. It seems every month they've been releasing a calendar with suggestions on for each day. This month is focused on love and compassion for yourself and others. Today's suggestion is to list everything that makes you happy.

So here's what came to mind for What Makes Me Happy:

- music/ dancing
- reading a good book
- my loving and supportive family
- my wonderful friends
- crocheting
- going to the theatre
- journaling
- reading or writing poetry
- colouring in
- watching animals/ petting a dog or cat
- being in nature
- watching or reading comedy
- meditating
- yoga or mindful movement
- having people who care enough to ask how I am and are really interested in the answer (and I don't feel I have to say 'I'm fine')
- listening to sounds of nature
- sunshine
- rain droplets hanging from branches like little jewels
- reflections in water
- the warmth of a cup of tea
- green smoothies
- time alone
- chatting with friends
- playing my singing bowl or using my rain stick
- creating things/ crafts
- gong bath
- lying in a hammock

I'm sure there are lots more if I thought a while longer!! What makes you happy? X

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