By mindful_life

Wild Wednesday- trees in the dark

It was whilst I was on my morning run that I decided to look for something to photograph- in the summer when the mornings were light I took lots of my blip photos but now it is always dark I don’t think to.

The bare trees are quite eerie but there is something lovely about that too! Interestingly the audiobook I am listening to is about a novel with a photographer as one of the main characters!

Today’s inspiration is very thought provoking for me as follows:

“I will know peace... when I learn to forgive myself...
Until today, you may have found that it was very difficult to forgive yourself for certain behaviors you have engaged in or certain actions you have taken. Just for today, be willing to grow, learn and heal yourself. Prepare yourself to release the fear that controls your mind. Forgive yourself."

I think we have probably all done things that we have punished ourselves for in one way or another and I am certainly looking at things that happened a long time ago that I have always shouldered the burden on responsibility, when actually I know now I was not at fault. And then I might consider that I punish myself for thinking it was my fault when it wasn’t, and so the cycle of the self-critic continues. Today I will try to remember that even if I have done things in the passed that were wrong, I can forgive myself and move on from it.

This evening I am mostly going to be baking for my son’s birthday party tomorrow, in between watching a school production and doing the swimming run. I may be up late!

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