By dfb24

"Feel the Cold"

Now that's a relatively easy one, as the lagoons are lightly frozen over already. No wind today, but even so, the 28 degree F temperature (-2.2C) was feeling pretty chilly! 
I've been putting up a few Christmas decorations here and there, but don't usually put up the tree until about the 15th. Mae's been asking about it every single day, but I've been holding out. However, after Jennie put Mae to bed last night, Jennie went downstairs to study for her exams, which are this week. Mae, who usually just goes to sleep, was having a terrible time! She was calling for her mom, and when she didn't come, she was calling: "grandma, I need you"! What can I say.....I'm a softie, so I went in. She did NOT want to lay down--I'm sure you all know how it went.....she wanted a drink of water....she was too hot....I should read her a story....she wanted to be out with her grandpa and I!  In a flash of brilliance (well, okay, it was a flat out bribe, which I'm not above using) I told her that if she didn't lay down and go to sleep she'd be too tired to help me put the tree up tomorrow.  Instant silence, and then:  "WE'RE PUTTING UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE TOMORROW? Okay, I lay down"!  Haha! Not one little peep out of her after that......so now I'm off to get the tree and ornaments down from the attic while she's in day care, so she can "help" me when she gets home.  :)))   
Thanks to Bobsblips for the WideWednesday challenge. 

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