By loisbiz

Shake it Up

I think I photographed every single bird at Dawson Creek ponds today. I took baby Ellie and the dog for a walk this morning;I thought we would see the ducks and then go home for lunch, but she fell asleep after only 20 minutes. I knew if I tried to put her in her carseat she would wake up and think she didn't need a nap when we got back home, so I decided to simply walk until she woke up. Two and half hours later we headed home for lunch. :-))  Luckily there were a lot of ducks, geese and a blue heron to photograph. Unfortunate the wind was blowing and the 40F felt a lot colder; luckily Ellie was bundled up and I had brought a warm blanket for the stroller too. 

This is a pair of male Wood Ducks; one had just decided to stretch. The look like they have each been designed by someone very artistic! Beautiful. 

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