Another Work of Art!

Another duck from our near by ponds; this one is a Hooded Merganser. They have some amazing markings too, almost as artistic as the Wood Ducks.

I have baby Ellie again today; it will be the last day I will have her for awhile. My daughter in law has tomorrow off so her Grandma can watch her; then we leave for Hawaii on Saturday. My husband booked the trip a couple days ago because he said he hadn't had a vacation this year.... I got to take all of them.  :-))  I had to say "yes".....and I am a bit excited to get back to snorkeling and all that goes with being in Hawaii on the Big Island!!! This doesn't seem like the ideal time for us to go....but I have made a decision to be super excited and I will totally enjoy the time there ........IF I can simply not think how difficult it will be for my son to watch Ellie while I am gone!!! Hopefully Ellie's mommy shows up on some of the days to help him while he has to work (fortunately he works at home and he is unlikely to get fired because he works for the family business. :-))

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