The first time Chelsea is docked at our new home!

Steven was determined to get us out in our boat Chelsea from our new home, even though we only have a seawall at the moment and no dock. It was removed long ago when it was falling apart and we have hired someone to rebuild it. Of course this involves getting permits  and as I understand it, the dock building guy is pretty busy.

Steven built a platform of sorts so we, meaning me, Asia, Chloe & Steven could get in and out of the boat easily without jumping and even keep Chelsea there overnight -It's been at Lucas Boatworks recently. This platform is very sturdy and we'll be fine until our dock is built. More close-up photos of this platform are here.

We had a beautiful late afternoon ride and ran into our neighbors who live across the canal! The moon was rising that night and it seemed so beautiful and peaceful. Lovely . . .

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