While on my runs

By waipushrink

Sunlit city

Dealt to emails, talked to HR about a major issue I’m trying to get resolved, and then went to the inpatient ward to take part in the bed management decisions. Then a mix of talking with the unit director about what I can do to help, and identifying the things we need to do in administering the Mental Health Act.

The recently completed Inquiry has resulted in a whole lot of recommendations. One of which is to repeal the current Act and replace it with one that only uses lack of autonomy as justification for compulsory treatment. If that can stop the association in everyone’s mind between mental illness and violence, I’m all for it.

Late this afternoon I had a meeting about the incident review I was involved with. Then a drive north to check in on mother in law who had a minor turn today, and collect something from the beach house.

This photo was taken from the room wher the review meeting was held. There was lots of rain between the central city and where I was. And the city was (briefly) bathed in sunshine.

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