Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

A walk at the lake

The weather for the weekend is going to be cold, rainy and possibly snow/sleet but today was a bright sunny day though still cold.   I decided to get out with the dog to Dreher Island State Park which is only 30 minutes from my house.   I don't usually go there except in the cooler months as it is a big camping, boating and picnic/swimming area in the summer months.   Today there were four trucks in the parking lot and a few other cars and trucks in the other lot so the dog and I had most of the areas to ourselves.    The water was so still and calm.   

Since we have had so much rain the lake is drawn down about five feet which means the shoreline is exposed.  There were so many fresh water clams and mussels (or whatever they were).  The shells were everywhere!    There was also squishy mud along the shore..yes, that dog had to get in the water and then she walks in the mud!   Luckily I had an old towel in the car but she was dry before we started for home.  

In the photo here, this island sits off the shore from where there are five small houses that can be rented by the day or week.   A really great view from the porches!  I probably will go back to this place again..without the dog.. to walk.  They have a trail that winds through the park from one end to the other and loops back to the parking area, probably about 3 miles.     Walking in winter means I won't have to worry about bugs, snakes or too many people.   

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