After the sun the rain

"... After the rain the sun,
This is the way of life
Till the work be done."*

(from Glad That I Live am I - Lizette Reese, 1909)

It's been that sort of a day: a day of strong contrasts - dazzling sunshine alternating with deluging rain, but throughout both extremes there's been one constant - bellowing gales, that are roaring round the house still.

Good to see the birds in great number - including starlings, who are rare visitors since the gales smashed our bird table years ago.

Was up at six this morning and have spent most of the day clutter-clearing, tidying and cleaning. Reckon I need to spend a few more days on the process before I can reward myself by putting up the Christmas tree. Still, as it's the weekend, I might start another jigsaw ...

Have a good one, blipmates!

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