By dfb24


....the branches, that is, & I liked the shapes, which don't show up until the branches are pretty well bare.    I spent the morning making cookies for the cookie sale this weekend, and if they're not "holiday" enough, that's too bad. They couldn't have nuts, and they couldn't have any topping that made them need to be refrigerated; next I'll probably hear that the pieces of peppermint are too big! Haha!     Jennie had off today--her last exam is on Monday and then she'll be done with classes until some time in January--so we went out to lunch, which was fun! She's had a bad case of laryngitis for the past few days, but her voice is finally starting to come back, so at least we could have a conversation!  I've put a few pictures in the extras, only because I had 32 left, so figured I'd better use some of them. The first is full-of-Christmas-Spirit Mae in front of the tree; the second is of Mae and Jennie, and the third is a picture of the cookies I took up to church.  Hope you all have a great weekend!   :))

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