One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Pass (ing water)

Saw this puppy in training in the Blackrock branch of Marks and Spencers today. 
I think he passed. With distinction. 
If the purpose of the training was to get him to wee in the cold meat cuts aisle that is.  
The woman who was "training" him was absolutely morto. She proclaimed loudly that this was the very first time it happened to him in a shop. I'm glad I was there to capture the momentous event. 
Fair play to the very zealous M&S staff who stood guard over the canine urine while his colleague rushed to get a mop and no less than 4 yellow cones with the diagram of the man slipping on a wet surface. 
I have a feeling they have been sued before for injuries resulting from a less than dignified fall on dog's wee. They are the suing type, the Blackrockies… 

On our way out, there was a woman (one of the few staff not busy dealing with the Weewee Gate) offering samples of M&S Champagne and Belgian chocolate. I could see her trying to open another bottle as discreetly as possible but there was no preventing the joyous and rather loud POP when the cork finally took off. I instinctively raised my arms in the air and exclaimed "it's a party!!!". She laughed. But no-one else did. They are more the suing type than the laughing type in Blackrock. 
Luca was morto. He was just about recovering from the embarrassment of the check-out, when the guy asked me if I wanted a bag and I replied that it wouldn't be necessary, that I had my porter with me.

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