... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Preening Pelican

More focussed on its feathers in large.

Macro & flashed the rather graphic thistles at home in the morning, and went to see the Ross'sling in the early afternoon... It was grazing with its parents, but they got pretty snoozy pretty quickly. The bar-headed goose family were also over there, and it was nice to see the (now large) fledglings, although less nice to see them grazing near a hypodermic needle (!?). A creep mouth-feeding geese was the other off-putting sight; his behaviour suggested that he was doing it for (human) attention, but it seemed off more generally.
I spent some time with the now very peachy pelicans, and although the sunshine came and went, it was interesting to be able to get so close to them while they posed, scratchedgaped, and preened.

Others here (or right from Thistle macro)

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