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By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Dark Day Demoiselle

Slinkier in large.

WWT London used to have to white-naped cranes (recently moved elsewhere since they weren't well suited to the London site) but have just acquired a pair of (much smaller) demoiselle cranes, and we saw them today for the first time. They're very little, and made sweet chirruping noises as they poked about their enclosure and moved the other birds on surprisingly assertively.

This was not my favourite picture of the day (which'd probably have been one of the white-headed duck, wood ducks, or emperor goose pics), but it was  nice to spend time with the new cranes (as well as the nēnēsemperors, and other geese) so seemed apt to share them. Other highlights included a hypnotic Laysan duckpreening and flapping white-faced whistling ducks, a wood-duck-induced splash, and the geese squeezing by for a hand-feeding frenzy... Oh, and the adorable emperors were fixated on pebbles today, as well as hiding behind and looking like them...

Others here (or right from Heron fly-by)

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