By spannarama

Mum's new living room

Went with Tim to the clay shooting club this morning.  I didn't fancy having a go myself this time; I was just his able assistant.  I got to press the button when he called 'pull' (and once before he had called it, too - oops!  Got a bit trigger happy!), and wrote his scores down for him.  Weirdly fun, and I love how much he's enjoying it, too.

Got back home early lunchtime, had some lunch and then packed up to go to my Mum's.  I was doing really well for time so set off a bit earlier then planned and caught an earlier train to Bristol.  Also managed to get an earlier bus from there to Wells, so ended up arriving about an hour earlier than originally planned.  Unheard of!

Mum was already in bed when I got there - her carers come so early to help her to bed!  So I sat in her room with her for an hour or so, with a glass of wine each :)  I then went into her new living room (formerly her conservatory) to watch I'm a Celebrity.  Not normally my cup of tea but I've watched it pretty religiously - and really enjoyed it - this year.  They're just such a nice bunch of people this time around, and it's been lovely to see them all getting on so well.  Feels like a nice antidote to the fractious Brexit era we're living in!

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