How to pedestrianise a street the Somerset way

Had a fairly decent lie-in this morning, then got up and got Mum breakfast and a cuppa before the carers came to help her get up.  Helped her out a bit round the house, trying to find things that have been stored in various places while the work in her house has been going on.  Still trying to track down the Christmas tree...!

After lunch, I walked down through the town to Morrison's, to do a big shop.  Noticed that there was none of the usual traffic in the High Street, then at the bottom of the road realised how this had been achieved - the Somerset way!

Met my sister in Morrison's doing her shopping - she had left the car in the car park for me to drive back to my Mum's.  Went round with her and my niece for a while, then they left me to it (giving me the chance to buy some flowers to take to her when I see her tomorrow.  Picked some up for my Mum, too.)

Cooked a chestnut and apple soup (again) for my Mum and me tonight.  Delicious, if I do say so myself.  Her carers came pretty early again (7pm), so I sat in her room with her until about 9pm, then retreated to the living room to watch the I'm a Celebrity final.

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