Christmas in Wells

Did various jobs for my Mum again today, and helped her transfer from chair to loo, back again, from chair to bed, bed to other chair, then chair to armchair.  Both of us exhausted after all that!  Poor Mum, everything is so bloody difficult now,  Doesn't help that she's also feeling unwell at the moment.  Life ain't easy.

My niece dropped round after school and stayed for an hour or so - I then ran her down to my sister's and returned the car to her, too.  Had a v quick catch up, then I walked back up through the town to Mum's, taking a couple of photos on the way.  Got straight on with the dinner, we ate that, and then I helped Mum back into her wheelchair so she was ready for the carers when they came just before 8.

Feeling totally wiped today - think an early night is in order for me, too.

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