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By Sallymair

Art bus

This is the bus which runs between the major Edinburgh art galleries. It's good value for a voluntary donation of £1, and it's emissions free too. No wonder it's painted green!
Walked to church and back this morning then to Waitrose and back this afternoon. It's been a day of odd jobs other than that - some Christmas cards written... at last!, cleaned out the fish tank, another bag of tatties dug out, sewed up the hole in my gloves and sent some important emails I'd been procrastinating over.... Oh and rebuilt some bridges by clearing the air after a misunderstanding too, or at least I hope so. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight as a result.

Just discovered there's a flood warning for coastal areas around Edinburgh so I've put it in as an extra in case anybody who needs to see it has missed it!

Walking 16275 steps

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