Tadcaster Bridge

A trip to the studio to build a new display unit for Mrs madwill and to dismantle an old one. I also visited the tip (again) to get rid of some of the stuff we ‘discovered’ whilst making room for our guests at the weekend.

Then to Tadcaster to walk along the river to see how high the water had got after the recent rain. Not quite up to the tops of the flood defences - but it had been another foot or so higher judging by the smoothed out vegetation on the bank. The reflections looked good in the calm water. Had to wait ages for it to be traffic free.

I also photographed the viaduct (extra) - the weir has all but disappeared under the water with just a ripple in the surface to show where it is. It was eerily quiet with no water smashing over the weir. You certainly wouldn’t be able to do this

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