I went to Flow Pilates with the golden oldies today. I tell you, they have way more fun than in my normal class.  Told them I'd be back next week!  There was husband bashing, friend slander and ailment rating.  Not to mention the quiet, behind-the-hand comments on how to make some of the exercises easier.  It was right up my street!

Our decorator is back testing his shoulder out after his ladder fall.  The bottom leg of the ladder snapped and he took a mighty crash, leaving his head print in the wall.  Fractured, chipped and dislocated, he's had it strapped to his body for five weeks and had a few funny stories to share before I got out with Little Dog.  Purple and lime for this bedroom and it's looking worth the wait so far.  Fingers crossed the life-sized sheep wallpaper won't spoil it all!

And then a gentle walk around the moors with Little Dog who had more beans than me.

If you've made it to here... any recommendations for a cracking Christmas film or a cracking film to watch at Christmas? 

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