The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


We've been having an exceptionally dry winter so far. Today we had rain... and sun... and rain... and a little sun... and... well you get the picture. I don't really mind the rain. It is refreshing. The weather has been cold lately too, especially on the days it didn't rain. But I suppose that "cold" is a relative term since we had rain and not snow. 

I spent the middle of the day volunteering at the Alzheimer's Society of Washington. I am one of three who meets with a group of folks who are beginning their journey in dementia. We're there to listen, help, and provide support. Today we were all joking and at the same time saying our goodbyes to a good friend who passed away early this morning. I feel deeply for his wife as she and I walked the same path together for much of the time when Arvin was ill. I am thinking of her and wishing her peace and comfort.

I photographed these berries in my back garden late this afternoon. It's the first time in a long time that I took out my bigger camera and found and photographed a blip. I've been doing lots of phone shots lately, often on the fly. I do want to get back to paying more attention and to blipping more often. Maybe I'll even get back to commenting again. I miss "talking" with you all.

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