Meet Up

Middle of the day, a meet up with a whole bunch of people I used to work with. They have all been retired from Salford for some time, but wanted to have a look around Greengate and Chapel Street. It was really good seeing everyone after such a long time.

A colleague had managed to get us up to a recently vacated apartment on the 25th floor of No 1 Greengate, from which the views of Salford are quite spectacular.

Later we called in to Sacred Trinity Church, which is visible in this shot bottom left. The reverend Andy Salmon gave us a potted history of the church. It was going to be demolished when the railway was built, but was saved. Instead, as can be seen clearly in the shot, the railway line bends around it. Its congregation is also increasing. From 5 or 6 when the population around it had largely disappeared, it is now up to 40 and increasing as people have returned to live in and around the City Centre and its environs. That must be a good thing.

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