By suehutton

Christmas decs at Judy's

Len very kindly forwent his swimming this lunchtime to drive me to Judy's for a singing session. I did manage some Vaughan-Williams, some Purcell, some Weill, finishing with Tell me the truth about love, a poem by WH Auden set to music by B Britten.

That must be a project for after Christmas, to learn the set of four cabaret songs that includes Funeral Blues.

The voice began to give way by the end of and I retired to the settee once we got home for the rest of the day feeling a bit sorry for myself. I didn't get to the camera club dinner tonight and I won't be going to Tai Chi in the morning, more's the pity. It worries me a bit that there are tales of this cold apparently going away and then coming back again. That's what viruses are capable of. For a change, I really am following the advice of rest and lots of fluids.

The hot drink cold and flu remedy does seem to ease the congestion and alleviate the headache.

Photo is a multi exposure in camera of a decorated Christmas tree and glass ornaments on Judy's sideboard, bright blend mode.

It irks me that I don't feel well enough to get out at dawn and capture some beautiful scenes of morning mist over the river valley and parkland.

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